03 December 2012

17 Months

How is it that Max is already 17 months old?
(Or should I say, how is it that Max is really almost 18 months old and I never posted this!?)

He doesn't even seem like the baby in this picture from one year ago:
...but I guess that's because he's not a baby any more! *sniff sniff*

It is absolutely crazy how much this kiddo is changing right before our eyes!

Max weighs about 28 pounds and is holding at 33 inches tall.

He still sleeps about 11-11 1/2 hours at night, and takes one good nap (1.5-3 hours) during the day.

Little man has really developed an aversion to certain foods, even things he previously loved! 
Though it makes this mama scratch her head, I just have to remind myself it is only a phase.
I will keep offering those foods and eventually he will learn to like them. :)

Max's vocabulary has just exploded in the past month!
I cannot keep up with all the new words he is saying (or attempting).
The most notable addition is that of the big "N-O"
which he usually says, "nononononono!"
Oh, and his dear cousin Rivers taught him to say "booger" over Thanksgiving.
(I have to admit - it's pretty funny when I go to wipe Max's nose
and he says, "Booger. Yucky.")

We have visited several friends this past month who have welcomed new babies
into their families, and Max really doesn't like it when I hold the little ones.
He usually throws a fit and tries to climb into my lap
while I'm holding the baby. Oh, kiddo...

There was a little excitement earlier this month as well;
Max had a febrile seizure and we had to go to the ER.
I was holding Max at the time it happened (thank goodness)
and had enough wits about me to call the pediatrician's office,
where I was advised to go straight to Cook's. 
Three hours later...we were dismissed.
And the next day, Max was running laps around our house!
He is totally back to normal now, but it was very very scary.
Our pediatrician did order some bloodwork,
and we have a follow-up test next week, but I am not anticipating anything abnormal.

(FYI: Apparently these kind of things happen in about 10 percent of kiddos,
which they usually outgrow by the age of 6. 
Most importantly, they do not cause brain damage. 
If you want to know more, ask your child's pediatrician!)

Max could spend HOURS playing outside and it still wouldn't be enough!
He loves to play in the sandbox (with the sand bucket on his head)
or collect rocks or acorns. He also likes Mama to push him in the Cozy Coupe. :)
Little man especially loves running through the leaves in the yard,
which he calls "now-ee." So funny!

We love to watch our little man learn about the world around him
and develop new skills. He is such a joy in our lives!


Wendi said...

So glad he's okay! It's fun to read about the boy's similarities. :) Jake is talking SO much, too.

karen said...

max is such a sweet boy! love him so much! and love reading (and seeing is even better!) how much he is changing! xoxo