13 December 2012

Neighborly Blessingmas

Ever since we moved into our quaint little neighborhood
(which you can read more about here),
the hubs and I have made an attempt, however imperfectly and inconsistently,
to get to know our neighbors.
This usually involves waves as we come and go
and intentional conversations when we see someone outside.
Plus, Max is a great conversation starter
and the older folks in our neighborhood just eat him up. :)
Around any major holiday, I try to leave some kind of treat
on the doorsteps of those nearby with a cheery little note attached.
The past few months, it hasn't been so much happening.

I was convicted to get those extra hot-chocolate-on-a-sticks
out of the fridge and into my neighbor's hands!
So I gathered up the little man and we set out on our mission:
Neighborly Blessingmas.

Things started off a little rocky -
Max tried to grab and handful of cigarette butts out of one neighbor's ash pail
and pick up various pieces of litter along the way, including a sharp cat food lid -
but I was absolutely floored by the response that met us at house #3.
This single older gentleman, a retired schoolteacher,
spent his spare time hand-making this stick horse for Max.

Can you believe it?!!!!
Tears are welling up in my eyes as I type this.
(Could totally be pregnancy hormones.)
Such a thoughtful gesture from someone I didn't think
we had made much of an impact upon. WOW.

On our other deliveries, we enjoyed a little piano "playing"
at the home of a former piano teacher
(she was very sweet to praise Max's hand position)
and admiring the "tee-ta" (Santa) hats worn
by another couple on their way to perform at a local nursing home.

Even though, as Sarah put it, being Christ can be sort of uncomfortable
(or fraught with the dangers of tetanus),
it can also be really, really awesome when you finally put yourself out there.

So go on. Get out there and start your own Neighborly Blessingmas.
You may not get a stick horse out of the deal,
but you'll be so glad you did!


Mary Kay said...

What a precious idea! I can't imagine the joy you and Max brought your neighbors! What a sweet idea!!

Brittnie said...

Love this - what a great idea!