06 November 2012

Weekly Wows

Two weeks ago, we had a free Saturday (the first in a long while)
and decided to make a trip over to the 
Japanese Festival at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.
The chilly weather didn't deter us - we had lots of fun!

This guy broke 12 bricks with his hand - 12 bricks, people!
He made a really loud grunting noise when he did it and it scared Max. :(

The only casualty was a shoe in the koi pond...
and I have a feeling it won't be the last. ;)

We also recently went to the zoo with my friend Linsday
and her adorable daughter (who is about one week younger than Max).
The four of us had a great time watching all the animals
(they were really active that day)
and we even got to see the baby rhino!

This past Wednesday I celebrated my 29th birthday - crazy!
Since future Halloweens will probably be spent
running all over the place with little goblins in tow,
we decided to take it easy this year, which was perfect.
Clay did take me out to dinner at a local fondue place the next night
(I've always wanted to try one of those) and it was soooo yummy!
I've also got a gift certificate for a massage I need to schedule... ;)

Max tried his first popsicle the other day (yes, in November)
 but to be fair, I was trying to ease the pain of a busted lip.

 He ended up covered in melted blueberry yogurt,
which I think means he liked it.

Ever wondered what happens when you forget about spilled oil in your oven?
Well, we found out on Sunday...
One crazy, smoky mess (which your child thinks is fascinating).
Good thing it was cool outside since we had to open all the windows!

Yesterday, I saw this weirdness at Target:
Can someone please explain?!!!

What's wow-ing you these days?


Katie Allen said...

I love reading all of your "weekly wows." :)

Brittnie said...

Love these pics. I am not sure what I think about the Pringles though. I'm all into holiday flavors but really???

karen said...

fun 'wows'!