12 November 2012


Growing up, I didn't have any family living next door.
Or in the same town.
Or in the same state, even.
We took looooong road trips 
to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins
usually around a major holiday.
So we were lucky to get to see them twice a year.

That's why I think it is such a blessing to have family
just right around the corner!
We are so lucky that Mark and Tara live just about a mile from us -
perfect for borrowing tools, a cup of sugar,
or a few moments of conversation.
There have been times when we thought the other might move away,
but thank goodness God has kept us all together. :)
Since we are so close, it is fun to get our boys together often.
They are at an age where they are really starting to notice each other.

Jaxon and Max love to...

Ride in the car
(Only moments before this picture was taken, these two were giggling like schoolgirls!)

Or on a train

Not look at the camera

Take baths

 Read stories

Eat together
And just have fun!

A friend told me about this Laurie Berkner song
which talks about two bumblebees named Jaxon and Max.
What a fun coincidence!

I like to think it's a tribute to our dynamic duo. :)

Every day I am grateful for Mark and Tara
and the wonderful example of Christ-centered parents they are to us.
I am especially glad that we live so close
and that our boys - and now Madelyn! - and future children
will grow up not only being cousins but friends too!


laura jo said...

Ack! I love this! Oh, I wish we lived only a mile from you guys, too. I can't wait (too) until we get our three boys together over Thanksgiving. Eeek, get here already!!

I love these pictures. These are such great memories. I always loved the pictures of Mark and Clay and Jenny and me.

Here's that Laurie Berkner song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vekVZ7ZGkfw

So fun!!

karen said...

this post just makes me smile all over! i love all the thoughts and all the joys of it! it is such great joy for a mom to see her kids be good friends, and even greater joy to see their kids be good friends!!

Amy said...

This is such a sweet post! What a tremendous blessing to live so close to one another :) My sister and I often say that we wished we lived closer since our daughters are such dear cousin-friends!

ABL said...

Sweet cousins! So glad you left a comment on my blog so I could IMMEDIATELY add the Riches to my Google Reader and see adorable pictures of your cuties!