06 November 2012

Book of the Month: October

Based on a recommendation by my friend Katie,
I decided to pick up this book at our church bookstore.

It was a fabulous book,
and I second her recommendation!

Nika's story is absolutely amazing 
and her upbeat perspective was such a blessing.
I have never lived with a debilitating illness, 
or suffered from a stroke which left me paralyzed,
or worked through therapy to learn everything again as Nika did 
(all by the time she was my age, no less!).
I can only imagine I would not be the encouragement to others
that Nika was in these very undesirable circumstances.
She truly made the best of it!

This book is a true testament to God's work in Nika's life,
and it really made me think about the ways my Heavenly Father is writing my story. :)

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