05 July 2012

Max goes to Abilene

Last Friday, we loaded Max and his bags in the car
then waved goodbye as he headed to Abilene
with Mini and Zu for a few days!

While it was so good for Clay and I to have a little break
and a chance to spend some together time, I missed that little man like crazy!
There were times I thought my heart would burst I missed him so much,
but I remembered that he was in very loving and capable hands
and that this time away from each other was a good thing.

It was also so sweet to get periodic updates
and see what Max was up to. :)


They had some serious fun, that's for sure!

Clay and I drove in on Tuesday night 
and had a sweet reunion with our little man
(even if he didn't recognize me - though he sure knew his Daddy!).
We spent the Fourth swimming, playing Ticket to Ride Asia, 
and enjoying Max's newfound piano skills. ;)

Thank you, Mini and Zu and Aunt Julie,
for loving on our little man for a few days.
What an incredible gift to us all!


laura jo said...

I can totally relate to all parts of this post! Lovely!

Julie said...

we had a blast! thank you for sharing him with us!

Mary Kay said...

I am sure your heart was hurting as much as Mini's was bursting with happiness! I know they had such a good time and she went on and on about what a good little guy he is!!! No surprise, but always nice for Moms and Dads to hear! Good job!!! I am sure she is looking forward to their next play-date!

karen said...

thank you so much for the gift you gave us....your precious max for five days! we loved every minute, it was pure joy! loved getting to see the world through max's eyes for a few days, and to see his personality in the way he plays and interacts. missing that toothy grin and sweet face. thank you again for such a wonderful treat. xoxo, mini & zu

Wendi said...

That's so fun! We are leaving town soon as well, and Jake is staying with my parents. Looking forward to it, but I know I'll miss him. Yay for husband/wife time!