17 July 2012

13 Months

I debated about whether or not to continue Max's monthly updates
but in the end decided to keep them up.
After all, this little guy continues to change so much
and I want to remember these little details later on!
Plus, I still want to think of him as my baby,
even though he looks like such a big boy in these pictures!


 Mid-photo-sesh hugs for Daddy ;)
...aaand we're done.

Little man weighs in at about 25 pounds and measures close to 31 inches tall.

Nighttime sleep is about the same - about 11 hours - but naps are still hit or miss.
We are not quite ready for one nap a day (I know I'm not, for sure!)
but we don't exactly need two full ones...
I have a feeling that we'll make that transition within the next few weeks, though!

Max is now drinking his milk and water from straw sippies.
No big changes in eating, except that we've learned
strawberries can give a mean rash. :(

Max is getting so good with his signs!
He has added "please,""milk," and "water/eat" to his vocabulary.
It is pretty much the cutest thing ever when he comes over to you
and pats his chest while looking up with those big brown eyes.
He gets picked up every time! ;)

Little man has a serious fixation on his Daddy right now,
and it's pretty darn cute!
He squeals "Daddy!" whenever Clay walks into the room
and conversely wails whenever he leaves.
Max is like a little shadow to his Daddy.

Other words Max says include
boom, mama, and ball - but it is a rare occasion when you hear them!
Mostly Max's "talking" involves moving his mouth with random sounds coming out. ;)

This past month has involved lots of travel, and Max has done well.
He went to Abilene to spend some time with his Mini and Zu,
then traveled to Bandera to visit his great-grandpa.
This was also the first time for him to get carsick, poor baby. :(

Max now has twelve teeth, which he got checked out
on his very first trip to the dentist last week.
Mommy was sick with a fever, so Daddy got to step in!
A very good report for our little fellow
and his chompers.

Little man has decided that sometimes walking is just not fast enough
(or maybe his legs are working too fast for the rest of him!),
and will often run through the house. I cannot keep up!

Max is getting better at following directions from Clay and I.
Sometimes he will even start picking up toys on his own
when I begin to sing the clean-up song!

Some of Max's favorite things to play with right now are
pillows, dirt, rocks, balls, and cars.
He is also a big fan of his Elmo car
and has almost worn out the sound effects!
Sliding and swinging are other activities he enjoys.
Oh, and talking on Skype with Grammie and Doc!

It is absolutely amazing how much more Max has learned to do in the past month.
This growing process is a pretty cool one to watch. :)

We cannot wait to see what you'll be up to next, little man!


laura jo said...

He IS a little man! I love the hugging picture of him and Clay. So cute! I'm thinking about a Saturday for y'all to come help us...maybe make it a family cook out or something, too! We'll see. I need to get settled first. :)

Ashley said...

I have got to kiss his cheeks one day soon!

Amy said...

These pictures are great! :) He is precious.

Janalyn said...

You're not the only one who's going to keep up monthly updates past a year, don't worry!(And we also require Daddy assistance during the photo shoots.)I plan to call Abbi my baby until I have another one!