11 July 2012

Down to the River

This past weekend we decided to make a trip "down to the river"
(the Medina River, that is) to visit Clay's grandpa Ken.
  He is spending several weeks at the riverhouse,
a place which holds many special memories for Clay and his family,
and I hope for little man, too!

We left town around lunchtime on Friday,
and about two hours later, little man got carsick. :(
After quick wardrobe change and a stop to buy some air freshener,
we were on our way again - and Max seemed to be just fine!

 It was a quick trip, but a lovely one - just relaxing and spending time with Grandpa Ken,
whom we don't get to see as often as we'd like.

He was so generous to take us out to his favorite Bandera eateries,
and even offered to get little man a DQ treat. :)
(I let him have some of mine, as you can see below.)
There was ample time to play in the river between naps
and Max LOVED splashing in the water - he was not afraid at all!
He especially liked pulling rocks from the water
and piling them on dry land, even though his Daddy tried
to demonstrate how to throw them into the water. ;)




All in all, a wonderful trip - thanks, Grandpa Ken, for a great time!
We hope to visit again soon!

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