05 July 2011

Three Weeks

These past three weeks have flown by, for sure!
(Maybe it's the sleep deprivation - I'm still not sure what day of the week it is.)

In that time, we have reached several milestones:

First trip to church on Saturday night

First time in the infant carrier
 (Don't you know? Babies are the must-have accessory for summer!)

First nap in the swing

First Fourth of July
(We watched fireworks from Uncle Mark's office - 
well, Max watched them from behind closed eyelids!)

First bottle
 (Making sure there were no problems before Mommy and Daddy go out next week)

Max also took a little trip to both Mommy and Daddy's workplaces today so they could show him off (and so Mommy could turn in some paperwork). Oh, the perks of parenthood!

We look forward to many more firsts!


Julie said...

He is so cute!

Mary Kay said...

He is so handsome! Sounds like you have handled the first three weeks with such ease! Enjoy, these days fly by!

*Priscilla* said...

Oh, Jess! He is just too precious!! I LOVE the family pic from the 4th!! And you look so good, by the way!! :)

karen said...

what fun 'firsts'...and that is a great picture of the three of you!