18 July 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things: New Mom Edition

Since becoming a new mom, I have learned that there are lots of things out there that only further complicate your life (like curling irons) - but also lots of things that make your life easier. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Baby Timer application for the iPhone

I absolutely LOVE this thing! Clay purchased it for me while we were in the hospital and it has helped us keep track of Max's dirty diapers, feeding times, and sleeps. This is an enormous help when you're so sleep-deprived you can't remember your middle name, much less the last time Max ate.

While I don't own any of these yet, they are most certainly on my "want it" list! These stylish necklaces (and bracelets) are made of baby-safe silicone so that your little one can chew on them as they please! It also helps to focus your distracted nursing baby (and I have a feeling our Max is going to be one of those). And on top of all that, they are super-cute!

Medela Lanolin

Without going into too much detail, let's just say this stuff is wonderful! I use it every single time I feed Max and love that you don't have to wipe it off between feedings.

Paper plates and plasticware

Seriously, I cannot remember the last time I washed actual dishes thanks to this wonderful invention! I am so glad I stocked up before baby Max came along because the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is strap on my rubber gloves and run a sink full of soapy water.

Whoever invented these things is truly a genius in my book! Max absolutely LOVES his froggy WubbaNub - and we love that it helps calm him down before sleeping. (Or when getting into the carseat. Or when he's just plain fussy.)

My sister-in-law, Tara

Okay, so this really isn't a "thing," but she sure has helped make my transition to motherhood SO much easier! She has coordinated meals for us, lent me parenting books and baby clothes, and offered many words of encouragement. I seriously think I text/ email/ call her at least once a day with some kind of mommy question - and she still answers them even though I've been pestering her for a month! ;)

For all the seasoned mothers out there, what things have helped to make motherhood a little easier for you? I would LOVE to hear your recommendations!


laura jo said...

I love this post! And I seriously *need* an iphone...

Looking forward to seeing you tonight. :)

Tara said...

Not pestering at all. I am glad to help (or at least let you know what did and didn't work for us)! I love this post and just may do a similar post. Can I copy? The chewbeads are so cute! Maybe that is where my birthday money will be going:)!

Amy said...

i am one of those "seasoned" moms and i love to help out new moms :) so, here are a few things that i have loved owning over the years that made my mothering easier... some obvious, others notsomuch...
...a baby monitor for not only babies but also big kids who have asthma or a stomach virus (i still use mine and james, my youngest is almost 7!)

...waterproof mattress pad... Absolutely invaluable while potty training. My love of all things waterproof started when i discovered waterproof lap pads that i would lay on top of the changing table. They really helped maintain sanity! There are also waterproof pads that you put on top of crib matresses and i would layer these with sheets so that in the middle of the night, no complete sheet redo was nescessary.

...nightlights... I did (and still do) everything at nighttime in the lowest light possible and as quiet as i could to really get the baby in the day/night rhythm...

... a couple of assorted screwdrivers with various head types and sizes. Kid toys and equipment frequently need battery changes and it helped to have these handy.

... a carrier of some kind... I had a maya wrap and it was invaluable. It guaranteed me more time in a store if i had the child strapped to me instead of in the car carrier. And that carrier is so. heavy.

...a little "survival kit" for the car. It had a change of clothes for the child, a fresh shirt for me (i also carried one of these in my diaper bag), paper towels, extra diapers and wipes, a bottle or 2 of water and a few age-appropriate snacks and toys. Kids have a knack for throwing up in the car. Also, I have had car trouble a few times over my 11 mom years and learned the hard way that time spent on the side of the road is difficult if you forgot to restock the diaper bag!

Hope this helps!! Max is precious! :)

mindy said...

Aw, Tara is in my list too:) Advice from fellow mommies is the best! Especially thoughtful ones like Tara. My very favorite baby product is the boppy. What a clever invention! Lately I've been very thankful for cabbage! That iPhone app looks amazing. I would have loved that! Glad things are going well. Max is precious!

mindy said...

We also really love our graco sweet slumber sound machine with mp3 plug-in port. Pretty sure it was another Tara recommendation. It's been wonderful! Oh yes, and sippy cups with straws...wonderful invention!