22 March 2011

28 Weeks

This morning I had my glucose test at the doctor's.
I had to drink this sugary orange drink (which tasted like syrupy Fanta) and then wait an hour for them to draw my blood. Thank goodness they warned me to bring reading material (those waiting room magazines were a little outdated). If I don't hear back from the doctor's office tomorrow, I will know that I have passed the glucose test and that I do not have gestational diabetes! (Fingers crossed, everyone!)

I also did the usual check-up things and it appears as though I am right on target! The doctor measured my fundal height at 30cm, so I'm actually a little overachiever there - but everything else looked good. She said Baby Rich is head down (for now) and has a strong heartbeat at 138.

In our small group, four out of the six couples are expecting in the next five months.
(Yes, please pray for us!) The other three couples know that sweet baby girls will be joining their families. It has been interesting to hear who thinks we'll buck the trend with a baby boy and who guesses we'll add to the gaggle of girls!

 Last week at work, I was walking down a hallway that leads to our main lobby when I was met with a counselor and her client headed back for a session. The client was mid-sentence when she saw me, took one look at my belly, and exclaimed, "Congratulations on your son!" - and then proceeded to pick up right where she left off with her story. It definitely caught me off guard, but was pretty funny nonetheless! I guess we'll see if she's right in about 12 more weeks. ;D

It is absolutely crazy to think that Baby Rich will be making its debut in less than three months. I do not feel ready at all. Maybe that will change after I read the big stack of pregancy books on the bedside table and attend the infant safety/ CPR and childbirth classes. So much to do before our little bundle of joy arrives!


karen said...

so fun to SEE updates! you are looking wonderful!
it is going to be so fun to see baby rich in your arms!

Ashley said...

You look great! Can't wait to find out what little one is going to be! :)

If I can help of do anything, please let me know!

I posted this right after Corey was born of my favorite baby items, for what it is worth