13 March 2011


25 Weeks                       26 Weeks                          27 Weeks

Some new experiences with this stage of pregnancy:
The belly is growing! It is becoming more challenging to bend over to put on my shoes or paint my toenails. If I look straight down (without stretching my neck), I can no longer see my feet! And the weirdest thing about all this is that I'm still able to wear a few non-maternity clothing items. Probably not for much longer, though. :)

My belly button is starting to flatten out, and I anticipate it popping out in the next several weeks. :) It's kind of wierd to be able to see the end of your belly button.

Last Saturday I felt what can best be described as really awful cramps. My stomach was tightening up and all I wanted to do was curl up in a little ball (which I did). After a little research, I realized that I was experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions. It kind of freaked me out when my pregnancy book called them "practice contractions" because they did NOT feel good at all. If those were just a warm-up, I don't know that I'm excited to feel the real thing! Fortunately, I haven't experienced any more since then.

Baby Rich is still moving and grooving in my tummy - it seems like all the time! (This added a very uncomfortable twist to the aforementioned contractions.) Our little jellybean especially likes to do a little kung fu right about the time I'm going to sleep.
Oh, what fun!

Just one more week until I'm in the THIRD TRIMESTER!


Mary Kay said...

You look so beautiful!!! We are so excited for you two!!

karen said...

no toes in sight! this is a fun stage!
you look absolutely glowing!

Sarah Cornett said...

So exciting!! You look great!

Jamie said...

Do anything you want to do now...go away etc. because those last few weeks are going to fly by. You look v. cute.