30 October 2010

28 Before 28

Everyone has a bucket list - you know, that neverending list of things you hope to do someday-in-the-really-distant-future-which-may-or-may-not-come. Variations of this list have started circulating recently, such as the 30 things to do before I turn 30, usually on that person's birthday.

This line of thinking really jives with me. I get deadlines, things that are concrete. "Before I die" tells me absolutely nothing. Could be tomorrow - could be 40 years from now. This is why I like something a little in betweensies.

So in honor of my blessed day of birth (which is tomorrow), here are my 28 Before 28:

1. Take a cooking class at the Fort Worth Culinary Institute.
2. Ride in a hot air balloon.
3. Watch less news/ TV in general (two hours a day MAX).
4. Do a Bible study with my sister.
5. Plant more things in my "container garden."
6. Go paperless in the kitchen.
7. Revive AndWritelySo, my old handwriting/ calligraphy business.
8. Make it through a chataranga in yoga without cheating. :D
9. Stop buying greeting cards from the store and make them myself instead!
10. Floss. Everyday.
11. Find a place to volunteer regularly.
12. Host a craft day with my cousin Laura and sister-in-law Tara.
13. Invite someone over for dinner once a month.
14. Make photo books/ scrapbooks for our vacations.
15. Get in the habit of taking better care of my skin (wearing sunscreen daily, using moisturizer, etc.) so I can wear less makeup.
16. Try resale shopping more often.
17. Take a certification course so I can drive the scooter legally!
18. Read 28 (or more!) new books.
19. Get into the habit of washing dishes every day or every other day...instead of every seven. :{
20. Finish painting those dead-gum baseboards.
21. Plan a fun reunion weekend for my college roommates.
22. Practice using the little Spanish that I know more often.
23. Pray with Clay every night before bed.
24. Start composting.
25. Travel somewhere I have never been (preferrably an international locale :)).
26. Take an art class.
27. Stay within my budget categories.
28. Keep up with (and document) all these goals!

What's on your list? :D


laura jo said...

Yay for number 12!!! I would LOVE to do that with you. In fact, there's a craft fair coming up at the Saturn Road church of Christ in Garland. It's $25 for a booth (which benefits a mission trip), and I believe you get to keep the profits. Interested?

BTW, happy birthday tomorrow!!!

Ashley said...

Happy {late} birthday! I love your list! And I have to say, I, personally, LOVE your handwriting!

Katie Allen said...

Happy (belated) birthday! I'd love to do #1 with you sometime if you'd like company! Provided that it's at a time when Chad can watch the little guy.

Katie Allen said...

Oops, I thought you said at central market!

karen said...

I'd love to hear more about #8, maybe I would try that.
I would love to do #23 (insert Jack) more often.
And I am always interested in #25!
great list! Inspires me to do one, too!
Love, karen

Tara said...

Craft day!! Let's do it:)