19 October 2010

Shall We Dance?

A few months ago, my dear, sweet husband surprised me with a gift certificate to Arthur Murray Dance Studio. For actual dance lessons. Yes - lessons, plural. When he told me, I think I might have actually fallen off whatever chair I was sitting on. I couldn't believe it! He knew I had always talked about us taking dance lessons together, but I never thought it would actually happen.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it sure did happen!
Last Friday night was our very first lesson, and what an adventure it was...

We learned front steps, back steps, side steps, rock steps.

We learned about the "connection" between dancers, as demonstrated here:

(As we were heading home from the class,
Clay asked, "Do people really dance like this?" ha ha)

Our instructor taught us the basics of the foxtrot and the jitterbug, and we even started working on a turn. Fancy us. :D She was so incredibly impressed that two people WITH NO DANCING EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER could be such naturals - ha!

Just to make sure your expectations are set, we are not planning to audition for Dancing With The Stars anytime soon. Only in our wildest dreams will we ever look like this:

More news from the "twinkle toes" Riches to come!
(Trust me - you don't want to miss this.)

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