02 November 2010

What the What?

You may be asking yourself this question after looking at the above picture of my husband. It's definitely not something you see every day...

Let me give you a few hints as to what my dear Clay was up to on Saturday morning. He could have been...

a. Starting a new house project. (You know how they always get worse before they get better!)
b. Checking on the prisoners in the dungeon below our house.
c. Lighting one of our floor furnaces.
d. Trying out a new yoga pose.

If you picked c, you're correct! Clay is, in fact, lighting one of our floor furnaces.

We live in a house that was built in the 1940s - which means it has a LOT of quirks. One quirk is the floor furnaces. (I actually had to ask what they were when we were looking at the house.) Turns out that these large heaters set into the floor with a metal grate on top actually keep our house really cozy and warm in the colder months. We've been toughing it out the past few cold nights and finally decided to break down and light them. It's a little funny seeing Clay with his head stuck halfway into the floor (so he can see if the pilot light is lit or not), but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I must admit, I look forward to the warmth of the floor furnaces. I love to stand over them in the cool of the morning and let the heat warm my legs (although I have to be careful not to stand on the metal grate too long - I melted my house slippers a little bit last year!). Turning on the floor furnaces is a sign that fall is really and truly here after weeks and weeks of flipping the window units on and off. And let me tell you - it's about time! :D

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