11 March 2010

Weekly Wow!

Some people have "Favorite Things Friday" or "Thankful Thursdays" or "Tea Party Tuesdays" - okay, maybe not that last one, but they should. :)

I have the "Weekly Wow." A little explanation...

There are SO MANY things that happen during my weeks that make me say, "Wow." The great thing about the word "wow" is its versatility; you can say wow to mean "Wow, I can't believe you just did that," or to mean "Wow! That's fantastic!" So my wows will vary each week - but they will always be there!

This week's "wows":

Spring weather! Yesterday I got to take a day off and opened all the windows to let the incredible spring breeze blow through my house (never mind all that pollen it brought with it). It is one of my absolute favorite things to hear the sweet melodies of songbirds - and an occasional rooster - and feel the warmth of the cheery spring sun brightening the house.

A visit from my parents, which also coincided with my day off. We got to spend the afternoon together, just talking and hanging out. My mom and I got to take a walk and enjoy the sunny day, then we put our heads together on some craft projects I've been working on. My sister came over for dinner and the four of us played ImaginIFF. It was so good to see them and laugh with them! It makes me wish Florida weren't so far away.

Bubbies Frozen Mochi Desserts. I had read about mochi several months ago on a blog and have been looking for it ever since. Tonight at the grocery store, I found these little frozen treats. They are made of this rice flour coating flavored like chocolate that surrounds a little pocket of ice cream. The texture is very chewy - and very good!

I have four followers on my blog! Each week I get a report from Sitemeter that tells me how many people have visited my blog. For the past few months, it has been a page full of zeroes. :( But now there are a few followers - and a few less zeroes on that report!

Today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday. (It's about time!) Tomorrow is a jeans day at work AND my husband comes home from his business trip. What could be better?!!

Now, tell me about your weekly wows!

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