19 March 2013

21 Months

Oh my.
This little man just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
 Someone, please stop it!

This month has been full of lots of funny moments
and we are so grateful to share them with this crazy kiddo. :)

Max currently weighs in at 32 pounds and measures 35 inches tall. 
Still toppin' the charts, this kid!
He wears mostly 24-month and 2T clothes, though I'm still trying 
to squeeze him into a few 18-24 month items. :) 
His shoes these days are size 7 and his diapers size 5.

Little man sleeps a good 11 hours at night IN HIS TODDLER BED 
and takes a 1.5-3 hour nap. I am so surprised how smoothly this transition has gone! 
We will soon see how he does sleeping in other places besides home...

Max is still eating well - not really anything new to report there.

This little dude is sprouting personality - and opinions - all over the place! 
We have begun the era of "Max do dit" for everything
from reading the bedtime Bible story or combing his hair 
to putting on his shoes or...well, it really depends on the day!
All who challenge our newfound know-it-all will surely be faced
with a full-fledged tantrum. Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere
(how was I to know he wanted his string cheese whole today and not in pieces???).
Toddlerhood is in full swing in our house, for sure.

In general, Max is doing a whole lot of testing his limits - and my patience.
If I'm not paying attention (or more likely, have taken a potty break),
I will often come back to find him perched precariously on some piece of furniture,
unloading his pajama drawer, or poised at the computer ready to send a gibberish mass email.
He is constantly keeping me on my toes!

Another fun (?) aspect of this phase is all the things Max is saying.
When we stop at a red light, he has started saying, "Wait. Green now."
He'll also say "Way! Way!" and point the opposite direction
when I'm making a turn, I guess because he thinks I'm going the wrong way. Ha!
(Who knew toddlers could be backseat drivers?!)
The other day we were sitting at the kitchen table
while Max was eating a snack when the little man let one rip.
He looked at me sweetly and said, "Mommy tooted?"
Oh dear. I had no idea fart-blaming started so early!

We count to three before rinsing his hair at bathtime,
so Max has started saying, "1, 2, 3" for just about anything.
It is really cute to hear him count: "One, one car."
(We're still working on the sequence of numbers.)
He also makes a good attempt at singing along while Daddy brushes his teeth
to the ABC song (which is pretty hilarious).
Can't blame him for trying!

Room time is getting better, though we've had some interesting developments
now that his toys are stored out in his room instead of in the closet
(I needed the extra space for Baby Brother's clothes).

He really likes to dump out all his toy bins...
and isn't so much a fan of cleaning it up. But he's learning!

I don't let Max watch much TV, but for some reason
he has really latched onto the show Dinosaur Train.
Some days he will repeatedly ask for "di-mo train" when it is nowhere near
time for it to come on. And when the timing is right for him to catch an episode,
he periodically calls out, "di-mo train" because he's so excited to be watching. :)

One morning, I noticed Max was fidgeting with his jammies
but was too busy cleaning up the breakfast dishes to investigate further.
A few minutes later he came waddling into the room 
and I noticed his legs looked strange and lumpy. 
Turns out he had managed to somehow remove his diaper inside his zipped-up footie pajamas -
then proceeded to do his morning business!
Let me tell you, it is not easy to clean poop out of pajama feet.

That incident was just a minor setback
because it seems that little man is sort of getting the hang of this potty thing.
We are, by no means, officially potty training him
though we do sit him on the toilet before bath each night.
(He has actually started going instead of sitting there for five seconds then saying, "Done!")
This past week, he has started asking for the potty when I change his diaper
and actually using it when we go sit him on it!
I realize we still have a looooong way to go, but I am celebrating these small victories. :)

I cannot believe that Max will be two years old in three short months.
He is already so big that I don't think I can stand it sometimes!
I definitely miss the cuddles I used to get from him, though I think
I might melt into a puddle when he occasionally crawls into my lap for a hug.
 He is such a sweet boy, and we are so lucky to have this 
ball of energy in our lives - even if I am perpetually worn out! ;)

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