12 February 2012

How To Tie A Scarf The Turkish Way

With this brief little snap of colder weather, I have been capitalizing on the opportunity
to showcase my scarf collection. Plus it's a good way to disguise spit-up on your shoulder. ;)

Several people have asked me how I tie my scarf, which is usually the Turkish way.
I call it the Turkish way because I learned this style from a sales lady in a pashmina shop
in Kusadasi, Turkey on our vacation two summers ago. She kept tying on scarf after scarf
using this beautiful technique. (And yes, I did buy one. ;))

Because we all need a little scarf flair, I thought I would show you
how to tie your scarf using these easy steps...

Step One: Fold your scarf in half - ish and place it around your neck.

Step Two: Loosely pull one end of the scarf under and through the looped end.

Step Four: Loosely pull the other end of the scarf over and through the looped end.

Step Five. Adjust the scarf so there are no holes.
(And then adjust your shirt. ;D)

Step Six: Smile because you look so fabulous in your scarf tied the Turkish way! :)



Brittnie said...

This is actually really helpful to me. I have a few scarfs but NEVER wear them b/c I have no idea how to wrap them around my neck. Thanks for the online tutorial. :)

karen said...

timely advice, jessica!
while in line the other evening at "Godspell" in NYC, the girl in front of me was showing her friend this same technique. i did not get to see the whole demonstration, so i am very glad to have your step by step steps! thanks! karen

laura jo said...

You are SO stinkin' cute! I'm going to pin you. :) ...not in the "Lion King" way, though...that would be awkward.

mindy said...

CUTE!! Thanks for the step by step pics! I just pinned you, too:)

I was trying to think how to explain a zerbert (which I apparently misspelled) without actually showing you, so I googled it. Urban Dictionary says, "creating a seal between a human mouth and flesh (commonly the stomach or arm) and then blowing, producing a fart-like sound." Does that make sense?! I'm thinking Max would enjoy them:)

irlandsdaughter said...

Oh my...thanks for sharing this! I too have scarfs that I didn't know how to tie! Thanks & God bless.