15 February 2012

Eight Months

Wasn't I just posting about Max's seventh month?
The time is just flying by!

Our little man is full of wiggles, as you can see - 
which made taking this month's picture was quite the challenge!


(Can you find the surprise in this picture? ;D)
This does not bode well for future photo sessions. ;)

We went to the pediatrician yesterday to check Max's ears (he does indeed have another ear infection), and they weighed him in at 19 pounds, 12 ounces. They didn't measure him but my guess is that he's close to 29 inches long now. (Way too wiggly to measure. ;D)

He sleeps about 11 1/2 hours a night and takes 2, sometimes 3, good naps during the day.
We are in the process of dropping nap #3 (meaning some days he takes it and some days he doesn't),
although I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my dinner prep time!

Max is still doing well with nursing and solids - no major changes there.  
This past month he has added (pureed) blueberries, yellow squash, peaches, zucchini, 
broccoli, potato, and chicken to his dining repertoire. He has also discovered his love for Cheerios!

The big news of the month is that little man is now crawling EVERYwhere and pulling up on EVERYthing! He has even taken a few steps while pushing his toy basket across the floor - yikes!

Little man seems fearless - even when it comes to the floor furnaces!
He loves to explore the house and discover all kinds of new treasures 
(pulling magazines off the rack, knocking over the recycle bin, crawling under the dining table).
A tumble here or head bonk there doesn't even phase him any more.

Max has recently developed this funny little habit of putting his hand in his mouth and moving it back and forth while making sounds. He does this constantly - when we're in the car, at the store, playing at home, during meals. It is pretty funny!

Little man has also added many sounds to his babbling - the first being "da da" (which made Clay so proud!). Max loves to jabber and does so constantly. We love to hear his sweet little voice. :)

Max now has three teeth, and is seriously working on #4 and 5.

This month Max threw up for the first time. :(
It was an isolated incident, but scared this mama nonetheless!

It is absolutely amazing to watch our little man discover things about the world around him.
He is growing up so fast - Clay and I hope we can keep up!


laura jo said...

Fabulous post! I love the picture of 1. YOU and 2. Max and the monkey shaking hands...kind of. :) Okay, we seriously have to get all our boys together. What does your calendar look like the last week of February (but not Monday)?

Mary Kay said...

What a little doll. He is so beautiful!!!
I really love him with that monkey! So sweet!

karen said...

love love love seeing these pictures! he is precious! happy eight months, max! xoxo, mini
p.s. fun reflection of you!