08 July 2010

Oregon Trail

This past weekend I was able to go to my friend Jaci’s wedding in rural Oregon. I had never been to Oregon before – and it was beautiful! As our little puddle-jumper of a plane flew into the Medford Airport, I thought to myself, “Why in the world did Jaci ever come to Texas?!” (No offense, Texas. You are a pretty state in your own way.) And not only was the landscape beautiful, but the weather was too! I think the high on Sunday was 82 – with a low in the 50s. :D

Jaci got married at a quaint little lodge in Applegate, an area surrounded by lush hillsides and welcoming vineyards punctuated by glassy rivers and streams. We had a little time to squeeze in a wine tasting before putting up decorations…

If you’re ever in the Applegate area, the Longsword Vineyard offers a lovely complimentary tasting. (The sparkling Chardonnay is best.) The patio is adjacent to a landing zone, so we got to watch several paragliders launch from the mountains in the distance and eventually float their way to the field in front of us. So cool!

There was just enough time to hang the pom poms and lanterns (which have now been in three of the roommate’s weddings!) and set the rest of the décor before getting ready. And Erin of EE Photography was there to capture each exquisite detail! We even had some fun writing their names in sparklers after the send-off. :D I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out.

Jaci’s wedding was absolutely wonderful. She was a beautiful bride and I’m glad I got to share in her special day! Many wishes for a happy honeymoon and a joyous life together.

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