07 June 2010

Motorcycle Man

Here's my sunburned motorcycle man...

Sporting the patch from his motorcycle class - and a lovely shade of sunburn! He even had red stripes of sunburn across his wrists where his riding gloves and long sleeve shirt didn't quite meet. :D

Clay spent all day Saturday and most of Sunday at a Basic Rider Course in North Richland Hills. He wanted to be a licensed motorcyclist so that when we go to Greece this summer, we can rent a Vespa like this:

I think we'll definitely have to practice - I for sure can't keep my hair like that when we're whipping around Santorini on our little motorscooter. And with that grip on her driver, I'm not sure how that lady hasn't fallen off the back!

You never know - after all that practice, we might get so good we want to buy one of these things! :D


Chelsie said...

You should also sit on the motorcycle like the lady, that would be impressive...

karen said...

what a fun way to explore and enjoy the scenic routes of greece!
watch out, greece! wild hogs coming your way!
have fun!!