31 May 2010

Weekly Wows!

Skinny Cow Mint Cones are my new favorite dessert. The creamy mint ice cream is studded with pockets of rich fudge, and the inside of the waffle cone is lined with chocolate too! These little treats are so decadent you don't even miss the fat. :D

I got a tetanus shot on Monday. I went to the doctor for a routine check-up and discovered a tetanus shot was overdue. Unfortunately the nurse forgot to mention all the soreness I would experience because I let her give me the shot in my right arm! Then I proceeded to experience the gamut of symptoms - weakness, fatigue, headaches, muscle pain. Man, it was terrible! Let's just say any ungratefulness for my right arm has now been cured.

People are weird. I mean, I was aware of this fact (hey - I'm a weirdo), but my experience on Saturday took "wierd" to a whole new level. My husband and I were just leaving the grocery store with the goods for our Memorial Day cookout when we noticed a young lady in the produce section. Apparently she thought a swimsuit and her beach towel were appropriate grocery shopping attire. And if that weren't enough, she proceeded to open her towel and resecure it around her! Yikes!

I became an aunt (or "Auntie J" as I will be called)! My husband's twin brother and his wife welcomed their first, a baby boy, into the world this past Friday. Our weekend was full of family and fun, all to celebrate this new little bundle of joy! Here they are being welcomed home by the "paparrazi" (aka the family):

I have also discovered the Hipstamatic application for my iPhone, which I used to take the above picture. Isn't is so fun and vintage-y feeling? I just love it - and I think there are even more styles of film to add!

I have finally finished reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand - all 725 pages of it! I have read a lot of books in my life, but this one is by far the longest and most mind-bending book I have read. Not so sure it qualifies as a "summer read" though I would definitely recommend it when you're feeling a little more intellectual.

Tomorrow is the first day of June. Where has this year gone?!!!

Now, tell me what's wowing you. :D


karen said...

my wows for the week:
that delicious spread you and clay made for us for lunch on memorial day. from the grilled burgers to the hazelnut nutella homemade ice cream, i was wowed! and you made it look all so easy. but i know alot of time and preparation went into it. thank you.

and obviously, becoming a grandmother! i had heard how wonderful it is, but until i experienced it, did not know that a little one could wrap my heart around his little finger in such a way! it really is hard to describe, and words don't do it justice!

getting to be together with our family (of now ten) was such a delight. i left ft worth with a full heart of sweet moments.

karen said...

i wanted to follow up with a comment to your last sentence about june...and add a 'wow' for the new month of june...
wowsers! it has been 17 years since clay had his heart surgery. we celebrate everyday that GOD had his hand in that surgery, and especially today on june 1st we remember that huge wow of a blessing!

danae said...

i love your weekly wow post, jessica! it's fun to read, and i love a glimpse into your life and thoughts.

a sweet, but very troubled girl that i study with and help mentor with another friend decided to put on Christ in baptism and turn over her crazy messed up life to His authority! and even better, my friend & i were the ones who had the very humbling privilege of baptizing her. a different concept for me, but a wonderful experience.

we had TWENTY-THREE students at our year-end shebang lock-in! 11 were teens that don't originate from our church membership, and 5 were first-time visitors!!!

our teens painstakingly turned $25 into $1150 thru sacrifice of luxuries & putting on a huge yard sale - to be given to an inner-city ministry we work with and a brother who ministers in haiti. God gave the increase thru these blessed teens!