22 May 2010

Number Four

My dear, sweet husband and I celebrated our 4th anniversary this weekend. We alternate who plans the anniversary festivities, and this year it was my turn to spoil Clay. I mean, he doesn't get to have all the fun. ;)

He requested a nice dinner at home rather than going out to eat (can't fault him for loving my cooking!). I made pasta and meatballs, tossed salad, and homemade breadsticks for dinner on Friday night. After clearing the dishes, we headed over to get our 1 1/2-hour massages. 1 1/2 hours, people! Absolute heaven.

I decided to extend the celebration into Saturday (why not?!). We began with cinnamon rolls and the Saturday paper, two of Clay's favorite things.

Then we headed over to the newly remodeled Museum of Science and History. The two of us felt like little kids looking at all of the neat exhibits!

After that, a quick picnic lunch - and a Jones Soda toast (just like our wedding day toast!). Then we went to see Van Gogh: Brush with Genius at the IMAX Theater. What a HUGE screen!

It is hard to believe that four years ago we were standing under a sunset sky at Erinshire Gardens, hands clasped and hearts beating as we said our "I dos." The time since then has certainly flown past, but each day I love my husband more and more. God has truly blessed me with an amazing man who teaches me so much and who constantly makes me laugh.

I cannot imagine anyone else I would rather have my adventures with than you, Clay. I love you!


Chelsie said...

I thought ya'll had one the prettiest weddings I have ever attended. Yeah for 4 years... and here is to many more!

Julie said...

Congrats on 4 years of being my sister-in-law...it's been awesome huh? JK (although it has), congrats on 4 years being married to my brother...I bet that's been awesomer (if that isn't a word, it is now) ;)

Ashley said...

Congrats to a sweet and precious couple! Love you both

karen said...

what a special celebration of your love for each other! great food, fun times, and being together.
what a perfect match you make for each other. we love y'all!

sara burrell said...

happy fabulous-fourth! sounds like it was a fun (on-going!) celebration! thought of you this morning, reading about pioneer woman's salted caramel brownies. that recipe is definitely a must-try!

Betsy said...

happy number four to you guys!!!