03 February 2010

Why Didn't I Think of That?!!

I generally feel like I am a creative person. I come up with great ideas. All. The. Time. (Sort of.) Below are a few great ideas that I was a little slow in presenting to the world...so someone else beat me to it.

1.) The Julie/ Julia Project Blog. It's a ready-made recipe for success! (And book deals...and movie deals...)

2.) The Snuggie. Backwards bathrobe, anyone?

3.) Porcelain coffee mugs that look like the disposable cups you get from Starbucks.

4.) Emoticons. I am constantly amazed what a little tilt of the head will reveal.

5.) i-Clips magnetic bookmarks. These are so much cuter than the envelope for last month's water bill.

6.) Old Navy's Jacket in a Packet. Cute name and even cuter jacket, which I will need with this week's forecast.

7.) Ugly Dolls. Anything but ugly! I am in love.

Don't worry: the wheels are still turning. You never know what silly little idea might make me a millionaire. :)

1 comment:

Katie said...

I could see you coming up with all those ideas! haha I love the Old Navy rainjacket! Super cute! Not too sure about the ugly dolls though :)