14 January 2007

There's a First Time For Everything

As a new year begins and I reflect on the milestones that marked 2006, I have decided to compile a top ten list of firsts in 2006. These are events which I have never experienced before, and many which I hope never to experience again...

10. First urinary tract infection. I'll spare you the painful, disgusting details.
9. First assumption that my nine-year old cousin was my daughter. Never mind that I'm only 23 and would have had to birth her at the age of 14. (Of course, the nice gentleman who asked me if she was my daughter didn't know how old I was, so perhaps I carry myself with maturity of someone seven years my senior. Either that or I need to buy my first jar of wrinkle cream.)
8. First piece of jewelry that I wear on a daily basis. Prior to August 24, 2006, I was a plain and simple kind of gal - the occasional set of studs or simple sports watch might adorn my person, but never any of those trendy Wilma Flinstone necklaces or cocktail rings so many girls can pull off these days. But ever since I received this beautiful piece of craftsmanship from a very special man as he dropped to one knee, I am unable to leave the house without my sparkling Tiffany solitaire and the wedding band which soon followed.
7. First open water scuba dive, where I got to see sharks up close and sea turtles being cleaned by tiny little fish off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii. We swam through tunnels in a reef and crossed a swift current by pulling ourselves along the bottom of the ocean. I was nowhere near as graceful a swimmer as my husband (and my descent needs a little work), but I've been practicing in the bathtub for next Christmas when we'll dive in Maui with the in-laws.
6. First business suit, which was not purchased so that I could work for a business (as in briefcase toting, coffee drinking, conference room chatting, fil-o-faxing business), but rather so I could work at Victoria's Secret. In retrospect, it was a poor wardrobe choice because I only worked there for three months, but at least I've got something to wear should I decide to launch into the corporate world.
5. First addiction to a TV show. It all began when my roommates started watching Sex and The City. Next my then-fiance got me hooked on Desperate Housewives. Then the couples from our small group at church started talking about Grey's Anatomy. And my husband began taping The Office. I would love to say that my social life does not revolve around a TV set (a very snazzy flatscreen with high def, might I add), but alas, how I've regressed.
4. First time to share a bed with a boy (who is my husband - don't worry!). It is certainly an adjustment after four years of sleeping on college-issue excuses for a twin mattress, but I think I've adapted very well to our queen-sized pillow top. Now if only I can get Clay to stop snoring...
3. First fender-bender, which I still maintain was not my fault. A distracted young lady driving a little black coupe did not turn right on a green light but I did...and her bumper sort of got in my way. I am now very wary of the right turn signal at Davis and Keller Parkway - and little black Hondas.
2. First promotion on the job. I went from part-time stockroom help at Williams-Sonoma to coordinator in less than three months, an advance I thought was just so fabulous at the time. But now that I've completed my first holiday season in retail and am making preparations for the upcoming inventory, I'm really questioning my decision. That hefty discount does soften the blow, I suppose.
1. First fixer-upper, which has undergone massive cosmetic reconstruction since we moved in almost six months ago. Several coats of paint (five, to be exact, in our red-walled kitchen), refinished wood floors, and new base boards have taken our little jewel to Martha Stewart Living cover status. Granted, we still have a long way to go on our adorable little two-bed/one-bath, but the new range and new fridge and new rugs and soon new sofa just make it so cozy. (If you can't tell, my nesting instinct is working overtime.)

(And, of course, this, my first blog, was begun in 2006, a blog to which I have neglected to post for several months. Thank you to all who have encouraged me to continue posting - ahem, Clay! It means so much that you think my ramblings are worth your time!)

Here's to 2007 and all the firsts that it will bring...hopefully none of them involving children.


Cole said...

Thanks for the update, Jess! As a real-life English teacher, I admonish you for watching TV and urge you to get back to the books! ;)

Anonymous said...

I assure you: folks do NOT consider the age of the child (and obviously yours), and, if it's a baby, whether said infant is sporting pink or blue, when questioning its parentage or gender.