05 November 2006

Variety is the Slice of Life

I never thought I would say this, but pizza has become a cornerstone in my life. In fact, I think I've eaten more pizza in these past five and a half months as a newlywed than I ever did in my four years as a college student. Perhaps that is why my most recent pizza discovery (via the portable marquis in front of the strip mall) was so exhilarating:

Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready pizzas are now available not only in pepperoni, but sausage, too!

Just when I didn't think it possible to improve on an already wonderful thing - a meal and a half for just five dollars and 41 cents, and one which only takes a six minute drive round trip to retrieve - the brains at Little Caesar's go and up the ante. My husband and I were almost beside ourselves with excitement when we brought our first Hot-N-Ready sausage pie to the dinner table. And let me tell you, we were far from disappointed.

But you know what they say: variety is the slice of life (and boy! is it tasty)!


Melanie Knox said...

I flipping love that stuff! I mean, it's $5 and you don't even have to think about it before you get in the car and go. Please tell me that you occasionally splurge for Crazy Bread.

Cole said...

Jessica, when will you blog again???