14 June 2006

Insert Foot Here (In Mouth)

I remember scoffing when the blogging fad began several years ago. Who would actually post their inmost thoughts and feelings on the World Wide Web to be jeered at by all of mankind? I thought to myself. It's really ridiculous. I would never do that. Ever.
But ladies and gentlemen, here I am making the very first post on my very first blog.

It seems that I've been eating my words a lot lately, and whether that's the nature of newlywed-dom, I'll never know. Every time I turn around, I am presented with yet another example of why I should keep my big mouth shut (or keep my foot in it, just to save me the trouble). My wonderful husband Clay is so wise (and so correct 99.9% of the time), and I appreciate the ways he is patient with my ignorance and overconfidence. Humility is a virtue I'm learning these days, as well as the importance of keeping my feet clean should the need arise to stuff one quickly into my mouth.

Although I do find myself wishing I'd kept my thoughts to myself on an alarmingly regular basis, more often than not, I'm just doing something stupid. Of course, I'd like to say that this doesn't happen daily...but that would be grossly misleading.
For example, I went on an outing to the Texas Department of Public Safety late Monday morning to get a Texas driver's license with my shiny new married name. The directions my sweet husband had written out for me weren't quite specific enough and I missed the exit, a navigational error which always frazzles me for the next 20 minutes I'm in operation of that motor vehicle. I had enough presence of mind to turn around with the hopes that I would not miss the exit, and, of course, it presented itself shortly. The helpful green signs were directing me down the access road to the Department of Public Safety - or so I thought. As I whizzed past the building clearly marked DPS, I realized my mistake and decided I still had enough time to make the turn. Tires squealed as I slammed on the brakes and skidded into the parking lot, garnering the attention of all 25 people hurrying to their cars to escape my driving antics. I felt like several DPS officers would descend upon my car momentarily, taking away my out-of-state license and refusing to give me a new one because, clearly, I was a threat to the public safety. Fortunately, no such officers appeared and I am the proud owner of a temporary Texas license (which is almost as cool). But you've got to admit, it was a pretty close call.

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