21 March 2014

Bond of Brothers

For the longest while after Miles was born,
I wondered if these boys would ever get along.
I mean, I know a newborn can't do much
besides eat, sleep, and poop
(which are mostly independent activities)
but Max was not the most, well...kind to Miles.
It seemed he thrived on poking/pushing/hitting Miles until he cried.
(For the longest time, Miles just tolerated it which only made matters worse.)

But in the last month or so, a switch has flipped.
Seriously, these boys are now pretty inseparable.
(Well, except for the fact that Max can totally walk away...)


 We still have our moments, though.
Just the other day Max intentionally pushed Miles,
and afterwards when he was getting "the talk" in time out,
Clay asked him what he liked about Miles.
Max replied, "I like that he makes me laugh."

Miles has been (mostly) sleeping at night in the crib in their room 
for over a month now.
On the mornings Max wakes to find the crib empty, 
he immediately comes to find us with a very distraught 

It will be very interesting once Miles is able to weigh in on things...

My prayer is that the Lord will bond these brothers together with the purest and strongest love,
that they will refine each other "as iron sharpens iron"
and that the Lord will use them to teach each other new things.

It can only get better from here. :)


karen said...

i love these brothers! and i love the wishes you have for them! those M & M boys are going to have so much fun together...and it is neat to see these glimpses of the fun that is being shared, little by little!
xoxo, mini

Katie Allen said...

These pictures are so special! I truly think that the relationships between siblings is one of the best parts of motherhood. I also love your new living room rug!