16 December 2013

Five Months

Time is just flying by and our littlest Rich kid is

 Miles weighs about 19 pounds these days
and measures around 26 inches long.

He's still in size 3 diapers (size 4 at night) and 6 month clothes,
though I've noticed that quite a few outfits are getting tight.
So I guess we'll be hitting up the after Christmas sales!

Being at home so much over the past month has really improved his sleeping.
We're back to 3 regular naps and sleeping from bedtime about 7:30-8:00 until 7:00am!
(I do a dreamfeed about 10:30, but I'm hoping to drop that soon.)
Miles regularly rolls to his side to sleep, and this month has started flipping over to his tummy.
Seems to sleep better that way, so Mama and Daddy are happy!

Miles has recently learned to blow raspberries,
a skill he loves to practice at the most random times:
in the middle of church, during naps, while spitting up...

He is so good at pushing up, and is now scooting/ rolling everywhere.
Max's toys are quite the motivation. :)
Miles can even push his rear up off the floor too.
(You don't need to start crawling any time soon though, buddy!)
He can sit up if spotted, but even then he topples over after a minute or two.
Now that Miles knows he can move, even if only inches,
he does not like being still! The snuggly days are coming to an end.
*Sniff sniff*

This kiddo is still drooling like crazy
and chewing on everything he can get to his mouth.
He still spits up quite a bit too, but I am hoping that tapers off soon -
I have to do at least one load of laundry a day to keep up!

I tried feeding him sweet potatoes a few weeks ago but he was NOT interested.
He much preferred chewing on the spoon!
A few days later I offered him a Mum Mum, and he didn't care for that either.
I thought for sure he was ready - he's been eyeing our food
and grabbing for my drinks for weeks!
Oh, well. I am in no rush :)

Miles is so much more observant now.
It is fun to watch him focusing on things and trying to figure them out.
He especially loves to watch Max and try to figure him out.
(Good luck with that one, kiddo!)
And for all the "tough love" that Max gives Miles,
he sure gets some of the biggest smiles and giggles!


 Miles is SUCH a good-natured baby.
He brings so much joy to those around him.
Those smiles are contagious. :)


Brittnie said...

Can't believe he is 5 months!!! Wow! Sweet boy!

laura jo said...

I love him!! And he's a rock star baby.

Katie said...

Love those rosy red cheeks!

Sylvia Masters said...

What sweet pictures - yes, Miles' smiles are contagious.

karen said...

It sure was fun to get to know Miles' personality a bit more in November....he is such a good natured baby, and his smiles light up an entire room! Love him so much!!! xoxo