25 July 2006

100% Magic

As my husband and I were waiting in line to pay for his newly-selected softball glove and ball at Academy Sports and Outdoors, a small display for Magic Boxer Shorts caught my eye. "100% Magic!" it proclaimed from a rather cheesy yellow sunburst. I reached over and picked up a Ken-doll-sized pair of golf ball patterened skivvies. What makes these tiny boxer shorts so full of magic? I thought. Clearly this was an error in marketing, and someone at the Magic Boxer Short Corporation should be notified of this mistake. I leaned closer the small display box to learn more about these mysterious underpants. Perhaps I had been mistaken?
In miniscule print at the bottom of the front panel of the box, I discovered instructions for how to get the most out of your magic boxer shorts. What I read is as follows:

1. Remove shorts from wrapper.
2. Place in water and wait 1 to 2 minutes.
3. Now you have a pair of Magic Boxer Shorts ready to wear!

My interest was piqued. Where could I learn more about these underpants, soggy with magic? Fortunately for my curiosity, there was a website conveniently printed on the display box.

This evening, as I perused www.magicboxershorts.com, I was impressed at the selection of magically-saturated boxers. Sunglass-wearing penguins, a skull and crossbones, or giant pink lips could adorn your very own pair of magical underpants.

As I continued my quest for more information, I stumbled across a link to the company that produces Magic Boxer Shorts, as well as other "Magic" products (their newest release is a Magic Bath Towel Bag, both a towel - otherwise known as a washcloth - and a backpack at the same time!). The Brabo Group can be credited with this ingenious line of Magic products.

But where exactly do these magical products originate?
I wondered. Apparently in Switzerland, the Carribbean and Miami. There's even a picture on the website to vouch for Brabo's high standards of quality and magical abilities.

You can check it out for yourself at www.brabomagic.com/factory/index.html.

I, for one, was definitely impressed, as I'm sure you will be.

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Rachel Masters said...

Miami...go figure-nothing NORMAL comes from there...except maybe my friend Natasha...